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Looking out my window, as I pack up books to ship, it is hard to believe that in two days it will be December. One reason is because as I look at the side of the cliff, it is lush and green and the other reason is because I have been hold up in the house since March 1.

One could say: "well you live in Hawaii, so you get lush and green." This is not the case all year round. Things get withered and brown from the heat a lot. We needed rain and so rain is what we have had for the past month. I cannot complain about rain here, it is not cold rain like in other states. The thing is though, just because one lives in Hawaii, does not make it a paradise 24/7.

Life is what life presents. The climate here is great, but the day to day is the same no matter if you one lives in Hawaii or in California or any other place in the world for that matter. We work, cook, clean, interact with family and friends have triumphs and tragedies just the same. It is very easy to forget what state you live in - because life is life.

Since it is going to be December, I cannot help but wonder what New Year's Eve will bring. You see in Hawaii, that is when the fireworks blaze. And, blaze may be an understatement. I know of no place else that rings in the new year with such noise and beauty. Last year it was deemed illegal, but it stopped no one. This year, with all the pain and sorrow, I am wondering if it will be even bigger than ever before.

We have been hearing fireworks blasting every night since Halloween this year. Most of the time it starts after Thanksgiving, but not this year! When I say blasting it is the sound of the big fireworks, the ones that you and your family went to see that were put on by cities and other organizations. Here, individuals are able to purchase these big explosives. Here is the link to what I can see from my windows https://youtu.be/fTBzEE2wvQo

One can hope that the fireworks wash away the trials and tribulations of 2020 and bring a true, new beginning with 2021. There is hope on the horizon and it is something everyone can look forward to. #newyear, #fireworks, #hawaii, #life

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