Where did that idea go?

I have been trying to write something on this blog every other day or so. Sometimes I have an idea in the morning when I am packing up books to ship, but I do not stop and write on the blog right away. By the time I sit down to upload inventory, the idea from the morning has vanished - where do those ideas go?

If time lapses, the old trick of walking back into the room where the thought began helps you remember just does not work. So, here I write and have not a clue what I thought was such a good idea this morning.

Of course I have been listening to the news today. Every day has something new, that is for sure. Today I could not believe it when I heard that Pfizer, the creator of the first COVID vaccine, had offered our government chances to up its initial purchase of the vaccine to more. How could it happen that the opportunity was passed upon? Now, we do not have near enough vaccine for our front line workers? Did the person in charge walk from one room to another and forget to submit the order?

I then heard that a 91 year old women was the first member of the pubic in the United Kingdom to get her vaccine. I wish this woman every luck in the world and hope the vaccine protects her from the dreaded virus. Let's hope that most people have the same courage as she displayed today so that we can get rid of another disease that is killing people by the thousands each day.

I am still puzzled by one thing though. There has to be enough of us around still that remember standing in line for the small pox vaccination and the sugar cubes with the vaccine to protect us all from polio. We can do this - let's all work together to stop Covid!

Well, I did not remember my ideas from earlier today, but I found something to write about anyway. Please take a moment to check out the new inventory I have been adding more books and music. #vaccine, #ideas, #books, #music

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