To Trick or Treat or Not

It is with sadness that I have decided to forgo Halloween this year. It is indeed my favorite holiday, but I am postponing it until next year at a minimum.

I do not expect to see many children out trick or treating anyway with this COVID virus stepping up its game. But, I did not want to encourage anyone to stop by the house with my usual decorations and lights.

I thought about decorating just the inside of my house with my witches, pumpkins and goblins up in the attic stored away, but what would be the point. The decorations all pointed to the night when little ones dressed in all types of costumes would ring the bell and yell trick or treat.

I cannot tie what I have written to any of the books I have listed, but some of the music it unnerving. Well, some of it is to me anyway. Be sure to check our site often as I have been adding inventory on a regular basis.

Even though I will not be celebrating Halloween in the normal fashion this year - I want to wish everyone a hauntingly, creative Halloween! #halloween, #sad, #decorations, #music, #books