Times right now are Crazy!

The Hawaiian words for crazy are: Pupule or Lolo. Any way, in any language, that is what is going on in America right now. I like to say that people have lost their minds.

What is going on, a President that is doing nothing because he lost an election? Many years ago, I was a preschool teacher. It was taught to 2 year olds that losing is just what happened sometimes and it happens to everyone. The child is taught maybe next time you will be the winner and they move on. So sad to see an adult that never learned this concept.

We have a virus that is literally out of control. Who is to blame is no longer relevant. How to stop it is. We need the vaccine to get to the States quicker and get it into arms as fast as possible.

We need people to find basic kindness again. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay away from groups - how hard is that? The attitude that I am young and I probably won't get it and if I do I won't know it, so, I do not care is crap. Remember who took care of you when you were little? Are they not worth anything to you? It is your turn to protect! Unfortunately another preschool concept is being missed by lots of people.

Attack on the capitol? What is that about? One side against another, violence, death and destruction on something you paid for with your taxes? How smart is that? I have to point to the preschool concept of winning and losing again. You win some you lose some - move on.

Painted and costumed was something that went on the preschool classroom too, when we were pretending. Time to stop - what was done to the capitol was real, not pretend and it cost some people their lives. What was the point? Did it help anything? Folks - stop and think.

How does this all relate to books? Well I can tell you that we have plenty History books that show what happened before and unfortunately, the capitol was stormed, and we had presidents who, like a stubborn child, did not attend an inauguration. Check them out. Did the outcome get folks what they wanted? #buybyebooksandmusic, #buybyebooksonline, #history, #preschool, #concepts, #crazy

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