They are sneaking into the house again!

I am not even a quarter of the way loading all of the books and music that I have to sell and each day as the mail comes, I see more books and music creeping into the house again. I am told "this time it will be different" meaning the book will be read and then given to me to sell instead of sticking around in the library for 30 or 40 years. We will see!

If you have been on the site lately, you have seen that I have decided to reduce prices on quite a few books and music to $1. I am going to keep doing this, but it does take some time.

Did I tell you that there is another obsession around here as well? What is that you say: jigsaw puzzles. Now, what ever do you do with completed jigsaw puzzles. I know, you can put modge dodge on them and save them, and that is what I do most of the time, but what do you do with the big pile?

I have found a few uses for completed jigsaw puzzles, however. I have used them for shelf lining. Yep, open my kitchen cupboard doors and my dishes are stacked on the jigsaw puzzles, they line my shelves. Actually, they work better than contact paper because they are thicker, easier to remove and the modge dodge makes them easier to clean. The other use that I have for the puzzles is as placemats. They are easier to use than cloth placemats and each time you use a new one, you get a new scene. If you have any other ideas on what I can cut up the puzzles to create, please let me know!

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