The Never Ending Stream

They just keep coming, the books and music. No matter how much I list, there is always more. I wonder sometimes if books and music multiply in the library upstairs at night. I never realized how much data I would have to upload.

Selling books is a slow process. People have shifted from books in the hand to audio books, Kindle and the likes. Even I, a person that does not read much, like the feel of a book in the hand. And to think, in this house you can read while you listen to beautiful music.....if only.

What puzzles me is the fact that on this website I offer books for prices less than I can list them on Amazon? Why has that not caught on. I will answer my own question: because buying books and music used is usually a one shot deal. I find that I do not have many return users. Not because of the quality of the product that I offer, but because of what I state before - there are so many other ways to get books and music now.

Well, anyway, I will just keep listing and hope that more people catch on that here at Buy Bye Books and Music, the prices are cheaper.

Something my Physical Therapist said to me that I got a smile out of was that he got the name of my online bookstore! #smile, #buybyebooksandmusic, #cheaper,#multiply, #library

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