No one believes the numbers until they see them!

I keep telling people that there are a lot of books in this house, but no one believes me until they come and see them with their own eyes. Yes, we do have a library, and yes the library spilled out into the hall way. Now the books have found their way into the living room (my idea here really) and they are in the study. I don't know, maybe they multiply at night. But, I need to mention the music CD's now. They are in the study and they are in a bedroom. Oh, I forgot - both the books and music are in the garage too! When will I ever get it all listed on the website!

What kind of books?

A little of everything. If you have to do research I guess this would be the place to find anything you need. There are little pieces of history every where. It will take years to get all the books on the site, so sending me an email or chatting with me when I am on the site would be the best way to find out what is here. Believe it or not, Larry does know what titles he has from memory - it is so hard to believe!

Oh and the music......

Can't count how much there is either. Just when I think I have it all listed, more piles show up. There is classical and opera and world and jazz and contemporary and more and more and more. If you don't see what you want, Larry has it all in his head too.

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