Root canal saga!

Haven't loaded any new inventory because I have been experiencing the root canal saga. First, find a new dentist (love the one I found), then get a referral to Endodontist (liked him a lot too), then back to the dentist to build up for the crown, next back to the dentist to get a temporary crown and finally put the new crown on.

First visit, no pain, second visit root canals do hurt, third visit - hate needles but it was okay. I have no idea what visit four and five have in store.

All this dental work is being done in the midst of the horrible rise in COVID cases here on Oahu. Can you believe it in the two hundreds for days! I hope the numbers head downwards soon because our hospitals are in trouble now. The next step is field hospitals.

Come on everybody, think of your families ending up in a make-shift hospital. If that does not do it for you, think of the poor health care workers that have to take care of those who get sick. Think of the risk they take for us each and every day! Have some respect. If they decided they did not want to be at risk anymore, then what we all do?

I do not have any idea when people lost their concern for others, but it has happened. Not everybody to be sure, but enough to spread this dang virus out of control. Stop comparing it to the flu or anything else - it is a new creature that we are dealing with.

Why can't we all pull together and remember a couple of simple things: No host - no virus (this means that if we don't let it infect us by taking necessary precautions it can and will die), if we take the right steps now - masks, distancing, no social gatherings, limited exposure to others - then the virus goes away now and normal can come quicker. The longer we deny that we need to do anything - the longer this thin strand of RNA stays around.

If you need something to do to help practice the right steps to get rid of this annoying virus, try books and music. Both can take your mind off being stuck inside. Just remember that stuck now means normal sooner.

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