Really - turning the corner?

Well, the tourists are coming, the tourists are coming. Hawaii opened its doors once again and some tourists are visiting. I do not know how well they are liking it though, because there are a lot of restrictions in place. The news says that lots of warnings have been issued, as well as some hefty fines. My advice is: if you come visit Hawaii now - be prepared to follow the rules.

I keep hearing that we are "turning the corner." I for one will be glad when we turn the corner on this election. But, as far as the Covid virus goes, it reared its ugly head on the island of Lanai this week. Home to only 3000 people, this is a dangerous thing. At the beginning of the week we heard about 5 cases, then it was 25, then 38 and now it has jumped to 95. A shelter in place order takes affect on Tuesday. Hopefully this will be enough to get the virus under control there. Sending good wishes for the people on Lanai that the virus is stopped and life can get back to normal soon.

Staying at home and not going anywhere since March is not really what I had envisioned for my retirement, but hey, it is better than getting sick. I watch a lot of news of all kinds to stay informed, but I cannot understand why people do not wear masks. What does it hurt? There is all kinds of nonsense about this or that, but why can't we all get it together and figure out that the more we do now, the sooner this all will go away. Not by a miracle, by any means, but by people working together for one goal. Historically we have been able to do this, why not now?

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