Rain, rain - at least it is not snow!

The rain is beating on the roof today, but at least it is not snow. Sometimes I think I want to go back to the Mainland, but then I see the weather on the news, and I change my mind.

Rainy days make for good days to read books and listen to good music as well as making sure we do not have droughts. Snow days are the same, but not like what has been happening in Texas or any other state.

Power grids are interesting configurations. Little did I know that Texas is very similar to Hawaii in that money needed for power grid upgrades is never spent on just that. Like Texas, the water system is directly affected by a power grid malfunction in Hawaii. If there is a real shut down, like in Texas, we too will loose water. I guess this is something that the average citizen takes for granted, but those who run these public utilities certainly are aware of the fact. How do you boil the water or even get any, if the power is off?

Several years back, we were involved in keeping the windmills off the small island of Molokai. We did win, but what we learned in the process was amazing. This is not to say that all windmills are bad; it is that it would not work because of the way life is lived on Molokai.

We do have books on energy and power listed: Cape Wind, by Williams and Whitcomb, Alternating Currents - Electricity Markets and Public Policy, by Brennan Palmer & Martinez, Power Hungry, by Bryce and Powering the Dream, by Madrigal to name a few. Just use the search bar to find these and others when visiting our site.#energy, #power, #wind, #electricity, #Texas, #Hawaii, #grids