Now that hurts!!!

Hey, that is exactly what it felt like when I jumped off the couch and looked at my hand! And to think that I can hear these poor little frogs chirping outside my window at night.

I am happy to say that we really pounced on the centipede that bit me, so that is one less frog that has to be sacrificed. And, I do not really know why the centipede kills the frog. Do they eat them? Perish the thought!

I guess that is where purchasing our books come in. Want to look something up - look through our growing inventory of books to find answers.

You can use our search if you know the specific title or you can view our collections. Please remember that all products are not in the collections. Some books and music are just generally listed. #centipede, #centipedeshurt, #ouch, #books, #music, #buybyebooksandmusic,

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