New Customers - half off a $20 order

We are going to continue to offer the $10 off any order of $20. We will extend this offer until the end of March. I am hoping more people will take advantage of the savings by using coupon code: newcustomer2021.

The reason that I sell books online at all is because of the massive book and CD collection that belongs to my husband. Just when I think there is a space on one of the shelves, it somehow finds another book. He seems to have made peace with buying more CD's - although I do see one or two sneak in from time to time.

The other day I announced that I am going to begin to do an inventory of all the books and CD's. Boy, that was met with a surprised 'why would you do that?' I guess I just want to know. I am sure it will take me months, but when I am done, I may be forced to share the number here - time and if my wrist can write that much will tell.

In the meantime, I will continue to list new inventory daily and hope folks figure out that the prices on are much lower than I can list on Amazon.

Some new listings include:

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