Listening to the Chimes

There are a lot of breezy days on Oahu. As a tourist, one may not notice the Tradewinds, but as a local resident, I surely do.

When you are enjoying the multitude of tourist attractions, the wind is just a bonus. It cools you off and makes the sun all the more bearable. When you are sitting in your home, the breeze sweeps through the house with its wonderful cooling affect and persuades the chimes to play their songs.

My husband gave me two different chimes for two different occasions. One is smaller and one is definitely large. The smaller chime set plays a dainty melody while the bigger chimes are reminiscent of the gongs heard at the different temples throughout Oahu. Each having it's own particular beauty.

As I listen to the lovely music, I sit here and upload more books to the website for sale. From Hawaiian history, to biographies on composers of music from days gone by to the ancient greeks, it is amazing to see the breath of what my husband has collected over the years and even more mind boggling as to how one person could have immersed themself into to some many books on some many different topics.

Here are some new listings: