Last dose, coming up......

This afternoon I venture to the mass vaccination site to get my second dose of the Moderna vaccine. It is with mixed emotions that I do so.

Not because I am afraid to get the vaccine (even though I hate needles), It is because I do not want the second dose side effects, if any. I hate flu symptoms - I understand the symptoms mean that the vaccine is activating the appropriate response, but I hate being under the weather just the same.

I did love the DNA and RNA sections in high school biology. I liked it so much that when the biology teacher could not get the other students to understand, he let me explain. That was my first experience with teaching. I was successful and I loved it!

Even though all this time has passed since high school, I was glued to the television listening to the research over the past twenty years that has gone into developing the mRNA vaccines. It makes sense to me, but never did I imagine that we as humans would be able to send messages to our cells telling them what to defend. It is simply amazing! The experimentation that this took would be fascinating.

Simply put, the cells within our body have programs like a computer. This computer receives messages from mRNA when our body needs to program itself to fight things like the cold or flu. Our bodies usually send the messages to the cells naturally, but to actually experience the fact that we can now send these same messages to the cells through a vaccine is wonderful.

The side effects, if any, will give me a glimpse into my immune system. The severity of the side effects will signal how robust my immune system is or isn't. I guess I will know by tomorrow.

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