I want these books and music to move!!!

I want all the books and music that I list to go to good homes. I know that folks have kindles and the likes now, but reading a good old fashioned book gives your eyes a break from all the computer blue light. Listening to beautiful music gives your mind a break and lets your imagination soar.

I need to let everyone know that the prices in my bookstore are way cheaper than on Amazon or any other bookseller site. The large booksellers allow small guys like me to list our books, and I must say I do sell lots, but they charge so many fees, that you have to charge higher prices to make sure you cover all the costs.

At my online bookstore, I am willing to negotiate the prices listed on the books and music. I already list the books and music anywhere from 25 cents to $2 less or more than on the other sites, but I am more than willing to go down more. Just drop me an email or leave a message on the site and I will get back to you. Since I am in Hawaii, there is a time difference, but I will make contact just the same.

There are so many more books and music that I will continue to list. When I sell a book on a site like Amazon or Alibris, I take them off my site because I will not be getting them back in stock. Heck, all the stock I do have is from Larry's private collection and there is tons more. Don't believe me - check back often and see how much has been added.

There are many ways to browse our inventory. If you have time you can start at the beginning as listed or you can sort alphabetically. You can always look at collections as well such as history, science in books or opera and world in music. There are a lot of collections to browse but not every book or CD is included in a collection. So, the more you look the more you will find. Remember, prices are definitely negotiable! #stock, #prices, #negotiable, #books, #music