I love my garden!

The Lilikoi plants are big enough to put in the ground and that is just what I did this morning. For those who do to know, Lilikoi is the Hawaiian name for Passion Fruit.

When we lived in California, I loved to look at the passion fruit flowers, but they never produced fruit. When I moved to Hawaii, I was amazed to see and taste the delicious fruit that these plants produce. There are several varieties, but the kind here in Hawaii are either yellow or purple.

Little did I know that the pollinator of the passion flower in Hawaii are carpenter bees. I do not like these big black bees, but they do serve a purpose in helping to produce a wonderful fruit. In CA, all the carpenter bee was good for was drilling holes in exposed wood to make their homes.

Many of the plants in Hawaii that are considered house plants in California grow wild here and produce fruit. I was definitely amazed by the variety when I first moved here.

The other thing I like is that the growing season is year long in Hawaii. Of course it is due to the beautiful weather, but it is nice to be able to putter in the garden year round. It took me a while to discover what grew when. I think I have the hang of it now.

It is interesting that Hawaii has so many micro climates - what grew on Molokai does not necessarily grow well here on Oahu; and believe it or not, what grew down the street where we used to live does not necessarily grow where we are now just a short walk up the hill. It is all interesting, though and keeps me busy with my gardening hobby.

I do have plant books listed as well as cookbooks that can be used to find recipes to cook the delicious vegetables from your garden. Be sure to check them out! #garden, #cookbook, #Hawaii, #California,#buybyebooksandmusic

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