I guess I just don't get it!

What don't I get - why folks just can't wear a mask. I understand that it is inconvenient. I get that it does not match your outfit. I get that it does not show your smile. I get that and more, but I cannot get what has happened to people caring for other people.

Okay, now you say, "but I do care." Well, then why no mask? I get it, first we were told one thing and then we were told another, but, think about it, if masks did not offer protection ever, then healthcare professionals would be sick all the time. Why aren't they? Probably the masks.

I get that people, in general, go about their business untouched by what goes on in the bigger world, but this virus, believe it exists or not is killing people every day. "Oh, it is just like the flu" you say. It is not. I am not a doctor or a scientist or anyone that has training in the field, but I can see the numbers, the pain and the suffering.

I get that people want less "establishment" control over their lives. But, can't it be seen by now that when someone does not lead chaos ensues? Sometimes establishment merely means guidance, help and understanding. Sometimes establishment makes our life easier because we can follow a path to normalcy.

I get that my writing this will anger some and hit a chord with others. But as they say "we are all in this together." Many are too young to remember the small pox vaccines and the polio sugar cubes, but they helped to stop diseases, like Covid-19, that were killing thousands of people. It does not matter if a disease kills young or old - people are people and everyone deserves to live out their lives - not have it cut short by a disease.

I get it there is no vaccine yet and maybe nowadays not as many people will be willing to stand in the lines that we did when we were kids to get the vaccine. But, at least we need a choice. And, I for one hope that choice comes soon.

So, in the meantime, can everyone just wear a mask, please? Stay away from others as much as possible and wash your hands a lot.

And, while you are social distancing, perhaps you would like to purchase a book or two. We have great music too! Everyone stay safe and take care of yourself, your family and the people on the street. We truly are "all in this together. #allinthistogether, #Covid, #masks, #usedbooks, #joanntool

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