I got a Soundbar!

Well, I am a member of this website called "The Insiders" that run campaigns that give you a chance to try things at a reduced rate so that you will review them. I am in an excellent campaign right now. I got to buy a Samsung Soundbar. Oh my gosh, the sound quality of my television went up by one thousand percent.

With the Soundbar, I hear background noise in certain scenes of programs that I never knew were there before. Footsteps, birds singing, phones ringing, whispers and much more. And the music, such clarity.

The model number of the Soundbar is the Samsung S60T. I cannot say enough about it. I happen to have a Samsung QLED television and the sound makes the astounding pictures on my screen seem even closer than before.

You don't have to worry about set-up, it is so simple. Two wires and done. Or, if you prefer a wireless connection, it can do that as well.

If you want great sound the Samsung S60T would make a great Christmas gift for someone - maybe one to yourself!

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