How low can you go?

I do know how low we can go and that is $1. Yes, one dollar. I have been attempting to go through and lower the price of hundreds of items to only $1. If you add shipping, that makes tons of books and music under $5. Where can you get a better deal than that - from a little guy, I mean. Its a given that I cannot compete with the Amazon one cent books. #onedollarbooks, #onedollarmusic.

It takes oh so long to add the books and music, which I still do almost everyday, and now to try and go back and make price reductions too - well I need to move some of these books out. Yep, he is ordering more. Hard to believe that all these books and all the music is his private collection. #privatebookcollection, #privatemusiccollection. Still, no one believes me until they see it for themselves. #lookatallthebooks.

So, if you visit my site, #buybyebooksandmusic, #buybyebooksonline, and you see music or books that you like and the price is still $3, send me a note and I will reduce the price to $1. #wonderfulpricereduction.

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