Hooked on series

As I sit here listing books and music, I keep thinking about the two television series I am watching. I am definitely going back and forth in time as I watch The Musketeers and How to Get Away with Murder.

The Musketeers is the usual swash buckling adventure with a few new twists. This series is done by the BBC. I find that the English channel just tackles historical dramas a little better.

How to Get Away with Murder has its own unique twists and turns. Each and every episode keeps you guessing.

Although far apart in time, the two series do have things in common. Both have violence. Both are not very realistic, but both are entertaining in their own way. The Musketeers is predictable and fun - How to Get Away with Murder is unpredictable and intriguing. Pure entertainment, and since we are still house bound due to Covid, these two series are a way to kill serious time.

A good book can do the same thing, take you to the time of the musketeers or tell you a story full of suspense and intrigue. Music can actually do this too, if you take the time to let it sweep you away by just listening. Check out our history books and our period music if you want to be taken away to the time of the the musketeers. I am listing more and more, so come back often! #musketeers, #suspense, #intrigue