Hawaii opens to visitors in 2 days

Well, Hawaii is opening its doors to tourists once again on October 15th. I have mixed emotions. I know that folks coming here will have to get a Covid pretest to get on the plane, but is that really enough?

The pretest that tourists can get can be taken up to 72 hours before boarding the plane. There are a variety of ways in which someone can do this. My fear is that some of those people will catch this blasted virus within that 72 hours and bring it to the islands anyway.

As I understand it, Dr. Fauci recommends that some sort of second test protocol be instituted to give us a better protection, but that plan has not been developed. Half a plan is always better than not having one, but come on, we have had months of closure to figure this out.

I know that Hawaii needs the tourists because our economy is tourist based, but if we do not have a plan to keep everybody safe Kama'aina (locals) and tourists - we are doing everyone a disservice.

What happens if there is no test. Just so you know, you will be subject for the 14 day quarantine. And by the way, we do have people here that watch for those who do break quarantine and they have been very successful in catching them. Fines are a big deal.

One other important fact, you can only visit some of the islands and can not island hop as was done before. If you plan to come here, you have to stay on the island that you land upon. There still remains a 14 day quarantine on inter island travel.

Covid is a terrible thing that we all have to live with, and I hope there is a safe, effective vaccine soon. I do not particularly like being hold up in my house as I have since March, but if that is what I have to continue to do, I will. Bringing tourists here now does increase my risk as I am one of those in the "danger range."

So, to all you folks wanting to visit our islands, please do so respectfully. Please get your test and if you have symptoms within the 3 days after your test results - do us all a favor and visit another time.

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