Got the what?

Got both doses of the Moderna vaccine, now what?

Second dose was not such a picnic for the first 48 hours, but now it is done. Officially on Sunday, I will be fully vaccinated. But what does that mean?

Still have to be careful because there is a chance that one could still catch the virus even though

they are vaccinated. But, that is the same with most vaccines. The flu vaccine each year protects you less than this new Covid vaccine. Hey, less of an illness or no illness at all is okay with me.

Still, I am leary about going out and about. It has been over a year since I ventured anywhere, guess I have gotten used to being in the house. I will be cautious until the 3rd shot or booster is out. That one should be the catch-all, then it will probably once a year just like the flu shot. Need the 3rd one as the clean-up act.

In the meantime, I have uploaded so many books to the website. If a website could topple over like a bookshelf, it is at that point. I have added a discount code for $5 off any order in the hopes that customers will buy some more books and give me more space to add more. I have such a long way to go to even put a dent in the shelves here.

One would think that by now there would be spaces where books once sat on the shelves, but no, not a one! I am starting to believe in magic - that they multiply during the night.

I have added some more categories to browse. I have added one on Religion, and one on Ancient Civilizations and the beginning of man. Hopefully these subjects will spark some interest.

I believe the Hawaiian collection is done, but to my surprise there is always more. This collection is selling fast on Amazon. For better pricing, look no further than

The collection on music composers is no where done, but I have seen the stack that needs uploading and there is a lot!

Check out some of these titles today: