For Days Now....

For days now the television networks have been jammed with voting information....who will win. Back and forth and back and forth again. This state has one rule and the next state has another and then the federal government still has or wants another. Who do you believe? What is true? Trust me, I have opinions about it all, but I do not like the facts twisted by anyone on how the system was set-up and how it is supposed to work.

Suing for this or that to stop an election without evidence is a total waste of everyone's time and taxpayer money. Let it ride until the votes are counted, gather your evidence if you need to and then do what you must. Chances are in an election, if you are trying to sue, it means you do not like the outcome. It does not necessarily mean that there is any wrong doing. You must have substantial evidence. That is how the judicial system works.

So, now I am talking about two different systems. How were they established and when. What can be done and what cannot be done. Where do the two systems intersect or should they?

These are subjects we used to learn in school in a Civics class. I do not believe that is part of the everyday curriculum anymore, should be, but it is not. Wonder why so many people do not understand the system anymore, could this be it?

When I taught classes in Humanities, I always stuck a little Civics in the class, after all it is part of the Humanities. Anyway, to get my points across I used to play segments of a video for children that I remember so well and that have always stuck with me. They were from "School House Rock." I particularly like the one on how to create a bill and how it goes through the system. You can still find "School House Rock" on youtube.

As for books on the political system and judicial system, boy do we have those. Did you know that our Democracy was only an experiment created over 200 years ago? Our founding fathers never thought that what they set-up would last this long. Don't believe me? Check out our history books and biography books. Look up those who talk about James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin and others.

Simply fascinating to read what was and what is today. #history, #buybyebooksandmusic, #Madison, #vote, #judicial, #Civics

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