Every one loves a sale!

Can you believe it - all these books and music CD's belong to my husband's collection! Nobody ever believes me until they come to the house and see them for themselves. And then it is "oh my gosh, Joann, I did not believe you!" Anyway, that gives me a lot to sell. I did notice, however, that more are starting to creep in again. Oh well, I just will sell those eventually too.

I have decided to discount many of the books and CD's. On Amazon, where I sell as well, there are all kinds of fees. Here there are not, so I decided to pass the savings on to you, the customers. I am reducing many of the books and music to $1.00. I have started the $1.00 book and $1.00 music collections. There is no rhyme or reason for why they are going in either collection, so you have to want to browse to see what is there. Trust me, the list will grow.

Here is a funny thing that is happening right now. I am writing in this blog and three of my four dogs are sitting next to me on the couch as I write. The old white one, she is 18, and pretty sick right now - is snoring. The next in line has her hind legs digging in to my leg and I have the computer on Peanut's back. Mayhem is over across the room on a big pillow. If I get up, the scene will change because they will all want a cookie. I must say it is gonna b bath day tomorrow!

So, I hope you all decide to check out the new $1.00 sections. Talk to you soon!

Here they are: Tipsy, Pixie, Peanut and Mayhem

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