Better Prices on!

As some of you may have figured out, I can offer better prices on my books and music if you buy them directly from my website at Although I list them on several sites, Amazon being one of them, I do not have to pay fees for everything I sell on my website. Yes, I do have to pay an annual fee, but that is way less in comparison - so I pass the savings on to you, my customers.

Most of the books and music that I post on Amazon have a minimum price of $3.00. This is because I do not even break even at any lower pricing. I do not care much if I make a profit, my goal is to move some of these items out of my house! I have not even made a dent yet!!!

So, before you press that purchase button on Amazon, Alibris or Biblio - be sure to check out or Sorry, I turned on the underline and am not quite sure how to turn it off. Anyway, I do have lots of $1 books and music listed on the website, so visit us soon!

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