Anybody else think everything has gone nuts?

Well, my neck is gonna get sore just shaking it every time I hear another thing on the news. Not good considering I have arthritis in my neck already. These times are unbelievable!

I have definite opinions and I am definitely on one side of politics, but that does not matter anymore because nobody is doing anything! I despise the lies, but there are no consequences and even if there are, they get washed away. What are we teaching our children?

Everything that is happening now has been years in the making, but I never thought it would be this bad. We cannot even agree to disagree anymore, move on and do what is right for the greater good. Help people when they are and need and stop the bickering and fighting!

Maybe all the politicians need to buy my books! There are a lot of them listed here concerning Political Science; there are a lot more dealing with history.

Even though I have definite opinions about how we record history, geez, we need to learn that we should not repeat the mistakes of the past. Use them as examples and use the good things and skip the bad - but do not make the same mistakes over and over again! #gonenuts, #history, #politicalscience, #politics, #help, #buybyebooksandmusic, #consequences

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