Another day inside

What to do? We have been staying in our home since the beginning of March. With pre-existing conditions and as we age, we can not take any chances when it comes to the virus. What does this mean - we have to find many things to do to keep ourselves fresh and alert.

I try to add books and music to the website regularly and chores around the house that have laid dormant for sometime are getting done.

Books and music are getting sorted and I have so many to add. Unfortunately, they do not sell very fast as we are a small business compared to others on the internet. I am grateful to those who do stop by and check out our site. Hopefully, one day, more sales will happen.

Just to let you know, our prices on the website are much less than those we offer on Amazon. You see, Amazon charges all types of fees, so we have to keep our prices higher there so that we can at least make a little on each book. A lot of the time we are lucky to break even. But, we have so many books and so much music that we have to keep moving it out of the house.

I do not know how, but more boxes of books and music were found unpacked just yesterday. Guess I was not paying attention to you know who and where things were being stashed!

Stay safe everyone! Check out our new additions and consider a book or two. Maybe some relaxing music as we are all being asked to remain home when we can. #buybyebooksandmusic, #joanntool, #Amazon, #books, #music

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