Pain is my friend?

Well, the ongoing saga of me. On Saturday, I had to have a root canal. Anyone that tells you they do not hurt is not telling the truth. First of all, the shots to numb you up do hurt, no matter how they try to hide the pain. This particular Endodontist did have something interesting, though.

I was surprised to hear a buzzing as he aimed the long needle to the back of my jaw. He wiggled my cheek like they do, and then the assistant rubbed the buzzing thing on my check. Well, to my surprise they had the bee like toy that I saw on Shark Tank - imagine that. It is more of a distraction than a pain reliever, but it helped just the same.

What hurts after that is when the dentist finds the nerves in your root canals - like go through the roof - he quickly stops the pain, but the initial shock is a doozy! After three hours in the chair I was glad to be done.

Looks like he did a good job - still a little pain, but nothing like the sensation I got when drinking something cold - can you say OUCH!

Next step is the cap. We will see how that goes - there is not much of my tooth left. I am confident that the new family dentist that I found has a solution. That adventure takes place next week.

What does this all have to do with books and music. Well, I can tie anything together!

The music that was playing in the background while he worked his magic is some of the same music we have listed on our site! I wish I could remember the names, but I was otherwise preoccupied. So check us out today - Buy some music or we have splendid books if you would rather read!

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