Will I Ever Be Done?

Although I found this stock photo of piles of books, they are real to me! I have piles of books like this every day that I look at and debate whether I should sit down and list them on the website for sale or not. Most days it is: not. I don't know why, I guess because it is such an overall huge task to get as many books as we have listed. You know, most people still do not believe how many there are in this house - until they get the tour!

You know the smell that you remember from walking into a library when you were a kid or when you go into a bookstore? Well, we have it right here in my house. Not that it is a bad smell or anything, it is just something that books have. I like it, but it reminds me now of just how many more books I have to list. There are a lot here on the website, but so many more on Amazon.com. I do not know when I will ever get them all listed.

I talk about the books, but the music CD's, if I had to guess, match the books in numbers. They are smaller and take up less space, in theory anyway.

Hmmmm, maybe tours of all we have would be....oh scratch that idea - it would never fly!

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