Double the houses - double the books

Having two homes worked for a while. They were both small two bedrooms making them very manageable in size. What happened, though, is two separate households accumulates more stuff.

We were both still working at our respective jobs, so having two places to live was kinda fun. We actually had three for a very short period, so we lived at the big house while fixing up the two little houses until we retired.

We would go back and forth between all of the houses and boy was that an adventure in itself. The big house finally sold despite the real estate bubble bursting and then we were finally to our goal of just two houses. We did retire soon after all this and began going between the two houses.

What one expects will happen and what really does happen are usually two different things. We happily split our time between the two homes, never really staying away for 6 months at a time, until I found another house one street over in the warmer climate.

All right, the view is what won me over, but the space won Larry over. Oh boy, I finally figured out that space is what makes books and CD's grow.

We bought the bigger house and now we were set. The smaller house in California and the bigger house in Hawaii. The perfect retirement set-up. Or so I thought.

Funny, there are no real bookstores on the island of Molokai, but the books and CD's were quickly increasing. What happened is that Larry found Amazon. He could buy the books he wanted for a penny and with Amazon Prime shipping was free. Now, do I really have to write down what happened next?

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