We move again

Moving forward in time 10 years and we decide to move to get away from all the steps in the big house. I guess the house is worth a description.

The house we moved into when combining our households was one town over from where we both used to live. We had five kids between us so we figured that we needed room in case all five kids wanted to live with us. Well, that never happened, some stayed a while and one never ended there at all. So, we ended up with a big house with a whole lot of space.

You had to drive up a hill to get to the house and the house itself was situated on a hill. As I recall it was 2,300+ square feet with three levels. You had to drive your car up a steep driveway because walking up the driveway with anything in your hands was almost impossible. Going down to the mailbox each day was a chore. Not only did you have to maneuver the driveway you also had to go up two flights of stairs to get to the front door. What I do know is all the stairs and that dreaded driveway is what caused the bad knee I suffer with today.

With all this interior space, it was easy for the books to multiply. Little did I realize at the same time the CD collection grew too. Now there were two collections that kept growing and growing. I do not exaggerate when I say that they both went from hundreds to thousands!

Moving ahead in time again we decide that for our retirement we were going to do something different. We were going to move to two places that we liked a lot and split our time, 6 months here then 6 months there. How that worked for us I will explain later.

Spot number 1 should have made us downsize. We gradually moved our 2,300 square foot home into an 1100 square foot home. Did we have some garage sales, sure, but not enough to get all the furniture out that we should have. Not to mention the fact that no books or CD's were sold at this time. They just kept increasing in size.

Spot number 2 was 2500 miles away, so we shipped little items there whenever we went there, but none of the big stuff. So we were beginning to create two separate households full of stuff. And you guessed it, more books and CD's. Now not only in one house but two.

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