It was a year!

Yikes, when I posted the blog the other day, I did not realize that it had been a year since I posted the first time. This will not happen again!

What I have decided to do is tell the story of the adventures of the books and music that are being sold on this site. By that I mean, I will tell you when I entered the story and how I became a part of that story.

For me, it began in 1999, that is when I married my husband, Larry, and we sold our separate houses to combine households. Little did I know the book saga would begin here.

As you can imagine combining two households is more than a chore. Two of this three of that and 1000's of books! Trust me, I am not exaggerating about the books, there were thousands.

As with any real estate deal, you have so many days before escrow closes and all your belongings must be out of the house. Well, that went pretty smoothly until the end when the books had to be moved. There was not enough time to do the sorting in the manner in which Larry wished he could and plenty of the books had to be discarded. Hundreds went to the library, but others unfortunately were not so lucky.

Okay, at this point you are saying that your problem was solved, the book inventory was cut down and there was no longer a problem. This was not the case at all, there were still thousands.

We were able to move to the bigger house, the households were successfully combined and then the books began to creep out of their boxes.

Books started lining the walls of the garage, books were on book shelves in the house and books were stored in boxes. The thing is they kept coming in the mail and after visits to the bookstore. So they were multiplying once again.

I figured the book hobby was better than others I had heard about, so I did not give it much thought. Not until years later when we decided to move again. Something I will write about in my next blog post.

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