Too much is just enough

It's been awhile since I posted to this blog and that is not a good thing. Life has been happening and my focus was not on this website and the selling of books and music here. Don't get me wrong, my books are selling, but mostly on Amazon. I have decided to change my focus and put much more time and effort into stocking this website.

What you will see is the adding of more products almost every day. Yes, I know, music is what has been populating my store lately, but I honestly did not know that my husband had accumulated so may CD's. I thought the books were the thing eating rooms in my house. Well, since we have moved, I have found that music is everywhere as well!

You ask, how could you not know? Well, we have been living on the island of Molokai here in Hawaii for the past 10 years. On Molokai, everyone has a post office box so there is no home mail delivery. So, everyone has to drive to the post office each day. I now know why Larry, volunteered to take on this task. He would sneak books and lots of music into the house without me knowing.

Yes, there were a lot of books and CD's in his "man room", but there were even more under the house. He built himself a 9 x 12 room and it was filled. When we moved I popped my head into the room and just turned away!

I'll be writing more about our adventures on Molokai, our move to Oahu and what we are doing now in future posts on this blog. Please take some time to shop through the books and music. If you find something, just place and order and it will be shipped to you within a day!

Sending much Aloha and hoping that you find kindness in the world around you!

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