First Blog Post Ever!

I have never written a blog before, so here goes. I have two websites where I am listing used books and music for sale. This one, and Because I am pretty new to websites, I am linking the two sites instead of embedding them (two terms I learned only today). I am happy to manage both sites separately until my subscription runs out on the site that is more difficult.

The thing I think I can do is link this website to the other on all of the pages. We will see.

I want to mention that I also sell books on Generally, the prices are a little less on my own website because I do not have to pay all the amazon fees here. So, whether you buy here, on or on Amazon, I just encourage you to buy!

All the listings are from my husband's personal collection - and you can be sure I have not even made a dent yet and I have been selling for at least two years now. I know he sneaks 5 or more books through the door each time I sell one - oh well, the bad habit could be worse.

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