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  • Furry Friends......

    I did warn everyone that one day I could just ramble on about our dogs. So, I will do that just a little bit. We have three dogs, Pixie, Peanut and Mayhem, in that order. All girls, Pix is 9 this month, Peanut is 8 this month and Mayhem will be 3 in November. They are all Silky Terrier mixes. Pixie and Peanut are sisters from the same mother, they are half silky and half chihuahua. May is half silky, half schnauzer. They are all pretty cute! Pixie is the persnickety one. Peanut is the love bug. And May is what we call lively. Each dog has its own special personality and have weaved their way into our hearts. Why do we have three dogs? Well, a little while after we were married, we got one dog, her name was Minuet. Minuet was a great dog who needed a friend named Tipsy. Minuet dominated Tipsy and wasn't exactly nice all the time. When we moved, Minuet went to live with my daughter because they had a special bond. Tipsy went with us because she loved airplanes. Tipsy started to get depressed so we got Pixie to cheer her up. It worked, but, Tipsy got dementia and started her withdrawal from the world, so we got Peanut to keep Pixie company. We did have Tipsy for at least another 9 years. She passed away just before the covid outbreak at the age of 18/19. Oh yeah, Mayhem we got her two years before Tipsy passed because we did not ever want to just replace Tipsy. Mayhem was and is a handle full, and considerable bigger than I wanted. But she keeps us entertained and is such a love bug. She just loves to cuddle. Well, there is an over view of the dogs. And believe it or not we do not have any dog books in our bookstore, what is up with that. I will put a few pictures up of the inventory that has been listed today, though.

  • It has been a while

    It has been a while since I posted anything. Not because I do not like to post, but sometimes I just can't think of anything that would be of interest to most. I could go on and on about my three little dogs and perhaps I will in one of my posts, but not today. Today I though I should let everyone know that there has been a marked increase in inventory. The books have been marching down the stairs to where I upload the data - almost literally. I actually do see empty shelves, but then again that means nothing because they move from the library to the garage shelves. Anyway, one floor to ceiling bookshelf that was never really supposed to go into the guest bedroom is now gone. And viola - you would never know that it was even there! So, if you need books for college, or you are interested in history, politics or a variety of other subjects you should stop by and check us out again. Music has been increasing as well, but I think it is harder to part with - we will see! Here is a sample of some of the new inventory: #buybyebooksandmusic, #books, #music, #inventory, #history, #opera

  • Listening to the Chimes

    There are a lot of breezy days on Oahu. As a tourist, one may not notice the Tradewinds, but as a local resident, I surely do. When you are enjoying the multitude of tourist attractions, the wind is just a bonus. It cools you off and makes the sun all the more bearable. When you are sitting in your home, the breeze sweeps through the house with its wonderful cooling affect and persuades the chimes to play their songs. My husband gave me two different chimes for two different occasions. One is smaller and one is definitely large. The smaller chime set plays a dainty melody while the bigger chimes are reminiscent of the gongs heard at the different temples throughout Oahu. Each having it's own particular beauty. As I listen to the lovely music, I sit here and upload more books to the website for sale. From Hawaiian history, to biographies on composers of music from days gone by to the ancient greeks, it is amazing to see the breath of what my husband has collected over the years and even more mind boggling as to how one person could have immersed themself into to some many books on some many different topics. Here are some new listings:

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  • Bookstores | United States | Buy Bye Books and Music

    Welcome - E Komo Mai We are an ONLINE used book and used music CD store. We are based in Waipahu, Hawaii. We do not have a physical storefront. We ship orders on a daily basis.

  • ABOUT US | Buy Bye Books and Music | United States

    About Us We are a home based business created to rescue our house from more books. After years of collecting books on many subjects, it is time to let some go. By some, I mean thousands! The music CD's are following the path of the books, but are more manageable in numbers - they are only in the hundreds - or is that wishful thinking on my part? This is a Hawaii based business so our business hours are different from almost everyone. We are on Hawaii time figuratively and literally (3 hours or more earlier than the Mainland). Our business is generated online, so hours here are very flexible. Shipping will take place within 24 hours of receiving payment. Please note that shipping from Hawaii does take a little longer than on the Mainland. Never fear, though, the books will arrive as promised. ​ ​

  • Used Books | Waipahu | Buy Bye Books and Music

    CONTACT US Tel: 808-520-1422 Success! Message received. Send

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  • Get Started with Your Forum

    Welcome to the Wix Forum. Here are some tips for how to get started. Write a Welcome Post Greet visitors to your forum with a warm welcome message. Tell people what your forum is about and what to expect. You can also share this post on your social media sites to get things going and attract your first members. Add Categories Categories let users easily navigate your forum and find the topics they are looking for. Add your own categories to suit your site or business. Join the Wix Forum Community This is a community made just for you, Wix Forum fans. Get the latest updates, ask questions and share your wishes for new features. Check it out. Customize Anything Get your forum looking just the way you want. Open your forum settings to choose from different layouts, edit your text and more. Enjoy using your forum!

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